Chris Brown, Young Thug - Go Crazy (Audio)


Chris Brown & Young Thug - "Slime & B" out now!:
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  • Exenity
    Exenity8 ore fa

    If you haven’t played this more than once you aren’t human.

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur Hori15 ore fa

    Hi we are managing it took a wee bit of work but we have been keeping

  • Caroline Liginos
    Caroline Liginos23 ore fa

    ayy good job!!!!!!!

  • Martavious Tisby
    Martavious TisbyGiorno fa

    Every body go crazy

  • Nikya dudley
    Nikya dudley2 giorni fa

    but he is fineeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  • IJustWannaComment NotMyRealChannel
    IJustWannaComment NotMyRealChannel2 giorni fa

    Ahhh I LOVE THIS! Can anyone pls recommend me songs with a similar vibe?

  • Your Justice
    Your Justice3 giorni fa

    Happy Birthday Chris!!! Love you!! 🎂

  • MBN
    MBN3 giorni fa

    1 year? already?!?

  • Martavious Tisby

    Martavious Tisby

    Giorno fa


  • FrostMo
    FrostMo3 giorni fa

    1 year anniversary🔥

  • Abigail Dillon
    Abigail Dillon3 giorni fa

    1 year Anniversary to this amazing song 🔥 🔥

  • Mr. Ntoney
    Mr. Ntoney3 giorni fa


  • Natasha Paraguas
    Natasha Paraguas4 giorni fa

    1 year anniversary, May 5th todaaay of this song aha 🔥 still slap’s toooo

  • Debangsh
    Debangsh4 giorni fa

    It's been 1 year and this still a vibe! 🔥🔥🔥

  • Donna Beattie
    Donna Beattie4 giorni fa


  • J Rob
    J Rob5 giorni fa

    They did a whole album

  • king_ troy31

    king_ troy31

    4 giorni fa

    no shit

  • Jasmine Holder
    Jasmine Holder5 giorni fa

    Jesus Will Always Save He's Married To The Backsliders As Long As Your Willing To Admit He Is KING JESUS🙏🙏🙏🙏

  • Max Tec
    Max Tec6 giorni fa

    Too bad I can only like this video only once. Abusing the replay button

  • Christina Dreams
    Christina Dreams6 giorni fa

    I literally turn off Chris brown's part and rewind young thug. 🤣 Chris why so aggressive sheesh "hors on my line"

  • April Summerlin
    April Summerlin7 giorni fa

    If I ever get married I'ma dance to this down the aisle to my groom but staying single for now🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰

  • Lovely Gross
    Lovely Gross8 giorni fa

    This song reminds me of the long car rides I used to have with my boyfriend....I miss him so much, he has since passed away 🥺 💔

  • QWERTY / Roblox & More

    QWERTY / Roblox & More

    2 giorni fa

    I am sorry for your loss and I hope things get better for you.

  • Reynaldo Baca
    Reynaldo Baca8 giorni fa

    Dammmm, the vocals f******* smack bro!!!

  • Nicky Vazqez
    Nicky Vazqez8 giorni fa

    In my opinion. Hit of the summer 2020 late asf but I'm not lying😭

  • Trap tonsi
    Trap tonsi9 giorni fa

    Why you break my heart bby :/

  • Brandy Johnson
    Brandy Johnson11 giorni fa

    This my song those❤️❤️❤️

  • Bridget mcintosh
    Bridget mcintosh12 giorni fa

    Go crazy boi💕💕

  • Jillian Twiggs
    Jillian Twiggs13 giorni fa

    Let’s go

  • Sophia Elyamouni
    Sophia Elyamouni13 giorni fa

    Its been a week since I dont talk to my booboo,we had a long distance relationship ,he works a lot and I felt like he didnt care enough or text me enough...I dont know if its the right decision but all I can say is that I miss my booboo

  • Sarah Barone
    Sarah Barone14 giorni fa

    Good song crest brown

  • TheHispanicUsername
    TheHispanicUsername15 giorni fa

    this is real shit.

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur Hori15 giorni fa

    You can get the best deal for the other people who want to get hm

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur Hori15 giorni fa

    You can get the best deal

    SOSAVERT POPSTAR*16 giorni fa

    This song always makes me get up n smile do my thangs for the day

    GORMAN GOLF16 giorni fa

    I can’t fully like him because of what he did ...still talented though

  • Xerina
    Xerina17 giorni fa

    I came here because this song is included in my crush's playlist LMAO.

  • thereal_Drew
    thereal_Drew17 giorni fa

    They took it off Apple Music 😤😤

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur Hori19 giorni fa

    You can get the best deal for the other model 5g vehicles and I 🎇🎇

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur Hori19 giorni fa

    You can get the y♥️

  • Jayce Moodley
    Jayce Moodley19 giorni fa

    I love it I love these song

  • Yvonne Broussard
    Yvonne Broussard19 giorni fa

    so true being played is not a good thing but it happens in life to the best of us

  • Poe Tu
    Poe Tu19 giorni fa


  • Steve Gomez
    Steve Gomez20 giorni fa

    Raider Nation

  • Jonathan alejo Herreria romeo
    Jonathan alejo Herreria romeo21 giorno fa


  • The Golden Boy
    The Golden Boy21 giorno fa

    Ain't heiyo' yeyo' it's real it's real I gottcha' I gottcha' Ik' das right' x2 I gottcha' what shu need I gottcha' what shu need

  • Abdiraxmaan mohamed
    Abdiraxmaan mohamed22 giorni fa

    Any one else hears black and yellow instrumental

  • North Cali
    North Cali22 giorni fa

    When I first heard this song, I was in my dads car. He was feeling it so much that he accidentally pressed the skip button on his steering wheel by line 2. 😄

  • Yan Vital
    Yan Vital22 giorni fa

    Better than remix 1000x

  • Doud Didou
    Doud Didou22 giorni fa

    I love this song . 🇲🇦🇲🇦

  • Enzo Rivera
    Enzo Rivera23 giorni fa

    J'ai enfin trouvé le sample de ce son pour les curieux, c'est un sample de the showboys "drag rap" mais pour celle qui m'a le plus enjaille c'est celle de T.I "ball" un vrai son banger !

  • Yw Breezy
    Yw Breezy23 giorni fa

    the remix is trash just these two make it way better and thats facts

  • coraznley _
    coraznley _24 giorni fa

    The comments here killin it 😂😂😂💥💥💥👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼

  • Pablo Andrade
    Pablo Andrade25 giorni fa

    The best!

  • Wilbur Juice
    Wilbur Juice25 giorni fa

    these dudes goin crazy

  • Breezy Infinity
    Breezy Infinity25 giorni fa

    No wonder why the music video didn't go 100m in a short time, the audio isn't even close to 100m views.

  • Jasmin Banks
    Jasmin Banks25 giorni fa

    This song makes u feel like your gonna get a chance to meet chris brown.

  • Jasmin Banks
    Jasmin Banks25 giorni fa

    I broke the replay button playing this so many times!

    UPTOWNZFINES126 giorni fa


  • Kay Kid
    Kay Kid27 giorni fa

    This song needs to be at 1 billion it’s too goated

  • Kay Kid
    Kay Kid27 giorni fa

    This song needs to be at 1 billion

  • Simon Eales
    Simon Eales28 giorni fa

    Sick song.. Mix of new and old school beat

  • Shubham Dhondsekar
    Shubham Dhondsekar29 giorni fa

    No matter what's my mood this song bring me joy... Anyone else?

  • Martavious Tisby

    Martavious Tisby

    Giorno fa

    Me loved

  • Fleidy Fernandes
    Fleidy Fernandes29 giorni fa


  • VaShun Poole
    VaShun Poole29 giorni fa

    I like cris brown song it is so good

  • Wilbur Juice
    Wilbur JuiceMese fa

    This will be the summer 2021 theme song.

  • Macey Cohn
    Macey CohnMese fa

    Death Grips?

  • Bent Mobile
    Bent MobileMese fa

    When i had a squad of friends this was one we bumped all the time, never forget these times

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur HoriMese fa

    You can get the best deal on the best possible

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur HoriMese fa

    You can get the best deal for the

    JONAS PINTOMese fa

    I love this song ✨✨✨😍😘🥰

  • Liki Reed
    Liki ReedMese fa

    Dope one love Chris and thuga thuga

  • Breezy Infinity
    Breezy InfinityMese fa

    Slime & B is about to turn 1 year, time flies.

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur HoriMese fa


  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur HoriMese fa

    You can get the best deal for the other model 5g vehicles and

  • Var Dan
    Var DanMese fa

    One of the best songs in the album

  • Gabriell gusttavo Gabriiell Gusttavo
    Gabriell gusttavo Gabriiell GusttavoMese fa


  • LIFE._. with._.NIQUEY
    LIFE._. with._.NIQUEYMese fa

    Go crazy my favorite song love so much good job guys wow 👍

  • Sweet Life of Emmi
    Sweet Life of EmmiMese fa

    lol lol

  • Serena Saywon
    Serena SaywonMese fa


  • Rene Rozman
    Rene RozmanMese fa

    Cool song. BTW, you two are the best

  • Navnit Sharma
    Navnit SharmaMese fa

    I Love this song

  • Jacqueline Bobson
    Jacqueline BobsonMese fa

    I love you

  • Rayan G
    Rayan GMese fa

    young thug is a basically a blinged out orochimaru XD

  • Emo Prince
    Emo PrinceMese fa

    this is SO GOOD but so FUCKIN short

  • Don Dinero
    Don DineroMese fa

    I was putting everyone on even before this album was poppin.

  • Deazhone Baker
    Deazhone BakerMese fa

    This is soul up lifting music so dope but yet a classic 🖤🐐

  • Magnum LOKENI
    Magnum LOKENIMese fa

    go crazy

  • Ana laura Silvestre vaquera
    Ana laura Silvestre vaqueraMese fa


  • Chrystyan Nieves
    Chrystyan NievesMese fa

    I like your videos l Watch your videos l subscribe to you

  • Guille Sanlés
    Guille SanlésMese fa

    If you like this song, try T-Pain's discography 2006-2012.

  • Guille Sanlés
    Guille SanlésMese fa

    base melody and instruments by T-Pain

  • lil badboy
    lil badboyMese fa

    Go hard legit

  • Armouré Joseph
    Armouré JosephMese fa

    Go Crazy was like, still the best from the best! Nxt level father Chris Brown, my Son's hero. Thanx breezy🙏

  • princessnia's word
    princessnia's wordMese fa

    Nice song i love this song inis leasing to it everyday

  • Anita Goriel
    Anita GorielMese fa


  • Karma Halmi
    Karma HalmiMese fa


  • Julia Cristina
    Julia CristinaMese fa

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    The Crasher's BandMese fa

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  • Lofi Heals
    Lofi HealsMese fa

    you can feel the young cb in this

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur HoriMese fa

    To be lyk Mr and Mrs brown will be

  • Michael Peter Arthur Hori
    Michael Peter Arthur HoriMese fa

    To be honest I don't think I will be able gt the next one is a bit of a mess for me friday nytlpl and

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    youness younessMese fa

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