Chris Brown - I Can Transform Ya (Official HD Video) ft. Swizz Beatz, Lil' Wayne


"I Can Transform Ya" by Chris Brown​ ft. Lil Wayne & Swizz Beatz
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I can transform ya, I can transform ya
Anything ya want, I can, I can get it for ya
You're my baby girl so you know I did it for ya
I can trans, I can trans, I can transform ya
Shoes, you got it, got it
Bags, you got it, got it
Cars, you got it, got it
M-M-Money, you got it, got it
I can, I can transform ya, I can, I can transform ya
Anything you want I can, I can get it for ya (Come here, Chris)
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  • Dean Mrakpor
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    some of the industry's most catchy songs so devalue women

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    Lucrèce PATRICKGiorno fa

    Tyrese Gibson 🔥

  • Zara Gordon
    Zara GordonGiorno fa

    wait... the music video came out last year? I just read the comments and was like what they talking bout. Only to see the date. Lol I was gonna comment saying Chris Brown's music vids are always amazing lol

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    Real fans watched this at 480p max

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  • Kota kota
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    Corona enters the chat. I can transform ya Me: No thanks

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    i wish this CB come back 🥲

  • Issa SD
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    CB the goat 🐐

  • Lynne Parks
    Lynne Parks3 giorni fa

    I can't help but think about where his career would be if he wasn't abusive. damn....

  • 自殺少年Ghost
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  • Tonie ChambersYT
    Tonie ChambersYT3 giorni fa

    One of my favorite songs I always have on repeat! 🎶🔥"I can have you Swag Surfin"🔥🎶

  • San Tan
    San Tan3 giorni fa

    Let me explain the bum bump. There's a pile of shit on my floor.

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    #ChrisBrown🇨🇺 #Happy32ndBirthday

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    Happy Birthday ChrisBrown🎊🎊🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🎂🥳🎊🥳🥳🎉🎉🎉🎉🎂🎂❤️❤️❤️

  • Chelseaa Wood
    Chelseaa Wood4 giorni fa

    Woah it’s 2009 again he must of transformed me into a time traveller 😂

  • irish butterfly
    irish butterfly5 giorni fa

    I love his music so much that I am having a Chris Brown theme birthday party ,I will be 54 May 11th :p xoxo

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    This video is so old this used to be my shit

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    Like 😁🙏🙋💞💪👑🙉😀

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    All time favorite 2021 baby

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    Swizz on the beat...Chris move your feet! 💯🔥🔥🇭🇹

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    This is the first song I’m playing in my car😂💯

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    Chicago Chicago Chicago Chicago 💵

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    Close but no shot. Bang bang.

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    Teenage revisited 😌❤❤❤

  • Sean Nelson
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    I knew it would be this clean tho fr

  • spit.
    spit.7 giorni fa

    Dude wtf I used watch this video over and over and as kid

  • AJ
    AJ7 giorni fa

    I remember vibing to this and tryna learn the dances in my room when I was young 😂😂

  • Langa
    Langa8 giorni fa

    Cris really flexed !!!!

    2B RECORD'S8 giorni fa


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    Yh Yh Yh Yh Yh Yh Yh

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    He pitsh but wat u cant to do my many 350 milion loke all stars how cant but wat he cant alredy i told abut tha 2 days naw last day aftr that we start 💣

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    How told u transfor

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  • Roddrick Carter
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    Tell me you're a Swizz Beats beat without telling me .... Every referee whistle is gone from Dicks sports store

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    from music back before 2009 needed premiere copyright and posted music video

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    6 qluq for good bay

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  • Kevin Durant
    Kevin Durant11 giorni fa

    the choreography in this video was hella crazy bruh,,, still underrated af till this day

  • bojotlhe podise
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    This song was way ahead of its time

  • President Lin
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    I would like to order a transformation please. With a side order of blessings🇯🇲

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    I was sooo obsessed with chris here...still love you chris breeze 💋

    ANDERSON PRODUÇÕES11 giorni fa

    🤤😍♥️ transformers 😻🤩

  • Cameron Blevins
    Cameron Blevins12 giorni fa

    I Don't Know This When I Was Younger I Just Heard This Song A Few Months Ago But I Mean Come On Even I Can Tell That This Is An Older Song

    KING CRIX13 giorni fa

    Mayne this was my childhood

  • LoL Lilo
    LoL Lilo13 giorni fa

    9 year old me thinking the girl in Red is Nicki Minaj

  • Carlton Masinga
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    this is my music, if this your music too you are a legend!!

  • Mike Rutledge
    Mike Rutledge13 giorni fa

    Swizz beats

  • Alex Martinez
    Alex Martinez13 giorni fa

    This song was EVERYWHERE. Chris has over 15 years of nothing but BOPS. Salute to a true living legend. He deserves his flowers while he’s here

  • Dennis Monteiro
    Dennis Monteiro14 giorni fa

    Melhor q fui na minha vida espero poder ir novamente só q dessa vez na gringa

  • miles
    miles14 giorni fa

    this song is fire well just the effcts

    RUTHY ASSOMUH14 giorni fa

    This was uploaded 5 months ago?

  • Leonardo Wunta
    Leonardo Wunta14 giorni fa

    I haven't heard this song in a long time

  • Ken Nard
    Ken Nard14 giorni fa

    Imagine Chris Brown is the moon walker movie using copperia fighting style with other marital arts

  • Lady Jay
    Lady Jay14 giorni fa

    😎😎😎😁😂😂😂WOW, I reminisce🤔🤔uuuuhh where I was in 2009 dancing around to this song. Chris Brown was still practicing n perfecting his flips, n Lil Wayne well was ...We'll Lil Wayne... Not a new song, but a good song like many of his song!!!😁😎💖

  • naijel weatherbone
    naijel weatherbone14 giorni fa

    Wtf the thumbnail 😂😁

  • kim jong-nam
    kim jong-nam15 giorni fa

    Lil Wayne was the shit..

  • mjnr jiji
    mjnr jiji15 giorni fa

    i just realized i was chris brown fan since i was like 6 or 4 years old and am still a fan and am 25 but his earlier songs were so much better than now not hating just saying when music was made for dancing not tiktok them days yo

  • Demon Sword
    Demon Sword15 giorni fa

    This needs a 2021 touch

  • Alex Rodriguez
    Alex Rodriguez15 giorni fa

    The first song I liked so much I downloaded it and put it on a cd like 9 years ago that way I could listen to it in the car the garage and my living room which all had CD player, I was around 9 when this came out

  • Sayantan Dhara
    Sayantan Dhara15 giorni fa

    I just transformed into a TOTO

  • Sean.
    Sean.15 giorni fa

    Thought i was trippin when i spotted this 😂 Maaan its been a minute

  • Cricencia M Chikatula
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    Kids of mine

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    Madd Chadd dance man

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    6/10 meehh

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    Oh I miss campus ...Great collabo

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    Old Chris Brown + Old Lil Wayne + Swizz Beatz = 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

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    It's that whistle for me!! 🤧🔥🔥🔥

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    Bruh I remember this when I didn’t have an account

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    #Classic #Bop 👊🏾💥💚

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    Lil Wayne's verses 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Philip Andrews
    Philip Andrews16 giorni fa

    Oooffff i miss these days, music Channel on cable

    AXHE MINATI16 giorni fa

    The dislikes are from the ones who can't transform themselves 🔥

  • Xolile Roy Ndlovu
    Xolile Roy Ndlovu16 giorni fa

    LGBTQ listening like 👀...

  • Jerry Gardner
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    Chris brown he look he is so very attractive sexy and look so good handsome beautiful handsome and handsome and so fine

  • Khim SokMeng
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    Chris brown I can tranform ya REMASTERED

  • Luis Henrique
    Luis Henrique17 giorni fa

    Eu queria muito ser um grande cantor famoso é poderoso cheio de mulheres negras é morenas é também muito dinheiro

  • Canal Encaralhei
    Canal Encaralhei17 giorni fa

    ate que enfim porra, quase 10 esperando pra ver o clipe de novo sem imagem minecraft

  • Joya Jackson
    Joya Jackson17 giorni fa

    Damn I was in college when this came out mind you I been out like 10 years lol 😮😅

  • Senku Ishigami
    Senku Ishigami18 giorni fa

    Believe me this song is more then 9 years old

  • Daniel Templeton
    Daniel Templeton18 giorni fa

    1-year Bible Reading Plan 2-year Bible Reading Plan

  • Daniel Templeton
    Daniel Templeton18 giorni fa

    Without Jesus, the world is a dark and sad place. When we get born again and accept Him as our Lord and Savior, He brings joy and light into our lives that will never leave us.

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    릴웨인 몸 너무 예쁘다

  • kush Pro
    kush Pro18 giorni fa

    3:05 this line and the visuals, will fly over alot of people's heads.

  • Geraldine Compere
    Geraldine Compere18 giorni fa

    Yooooo i was in school, what a time! We were so happy and we didn't know

  • ItsJosh Preston
    ItsJosh Preston19 giorni fa

    Sheesh… now that was amazing

  • Ian Stockwell
    Ian Stockwell19 giorni fa

    Save the baby katia

  • Mz. Lyons14
    Mz. Lyons1419 giorni fa

    But....what if I just want you CB♥️

  • T Danielle
    T Danielle19 giorni fa

    Hell yeah Chris please transform my ass 🥰🔥♥️ They have a plastic surgery for everything anywhere LoL you are very talented and handsome

  • Sashana McKenzie
    Sashana McKenzie19 giorni fa

    2021 and this still a BOP!

  • iiiVLONE33
    iiiVLONE3319 giorni fa

    this song came out when i was 3. this was my childhood, and the nostalgia associated with this, one of the only rap songs i like-


    Nem dá pra acreditar que esta música tem mais de 10 anos. Qualidade e entretenimento.

  • V I P
    V I P20 giorni fa

    This video is mad just as the song. I expected nothing less

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